Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SmartSkills for the 21st Century Lessons and Assessments


Over the years I have used both Bloom's Taxonomy and the Dimensions of Learning to guide the design of learning, teaching, and assessment tasks. While working with novice and experienced teachers, I observed that thinking frameworks such as these provide too much information for teachers to process while designing daily lessons and assessments in their planning periods. So, I created a mashup of "SmartSkills" from a variety of thinking frameworks that focuses on three levels of 21st century thinking and learning:
  • Acquiring data,
  • Visualizing data as information, and
  • Applying knowledge gained from putting information to productive use.
These levels help teachers to move quickly from their content and skills to a high quality student product, performance, or exit ticket for a daily lesson. I think today's learning expectations can be integrated easily into these levels of 21st century thinking. Moreover, they accommodate any conventional and digital media thereby providing greater flexibility to teachers for addressing student learning preferences.

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Try our learning community's free interactive template for SmartSkills in the web-based instructional design tool known as TaskBuilderOnline and see example WikiTask lessons here:

Nick Hobar

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