Monday, November 28, 2011

Dynamic Learning -- A Way to Refresh What Students Learn!

How can we challenge current practice wherein educators state what they want students to learn before they learn it -- standards-based instruction and assessment? 

As a frontier beyond standards-based learning, I envision "Dynamic Learning" -- a process that takes the best of current student work and makes it better continuously. Dynamic Learning will help students, educators, parents, and stakeholders to learn more about what students learn by letting "learning" happen and then by analyzing what has been learned, post hoc. This process uses the best of what is learned and shared by students as the current standard of quality with no preconceived limits. And because of technology the current standard gets "refreshed" by dynamic student learning and not by a drawn out content standards development process. 

How does Dynamic Learning work?

  • First, Dynamic Learning helps all students to examine how other students have produced a quality product or performance.
  • Second, it encourages students to match, if not surpass, those products or performances to create a new "best" for other students to emulate.

  •  Third, it applies technology to offer us all kinds of new ways to assess the best works of student learning, e.g., polls, likes, blogs, wikis, Web 2.0 editors, and feedback response tools. 
See where I'm going? Using Dynamic Learning means that each time learning activities are completed and shared through technology a student(s) may establish a better product or performance than the current standard of quality -- on local, state, national, and global levels. Wow! Sounds like learning can be fun at a whole new level!

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Int'l said...

Very informative post. But I wanted to ask a question. Can there be dynamic learning without the use of technology? From Vijay