Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dear Colleagues:

I'm pleased to invite you to join LearningFront and to contribute your ideas and solutions for implementing the Common Core State Standards through our Learning Rave entitled: WikiTasksCCSS!

What is WikiTasksCCSS? WikiTasksCCSS helps teachers to implement the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms and to share their work in the LearningFront global learning community.

Why WikiTasksCCSS? WikiTasksCCSS makes it possible to connect the individual and collective talents of teachers worldwide to collaborate and lead instructional reform!

When? WikiTasksCCSS is open 24/7 in real time and as needed.

How? WikiTasksCCSS uses the integrated social media and professional development tools in LearningFront to develop original lessons and to edit WikiTasksCCSS lessons.

Click here to:
  • Learn more about WikiTasksCCSS
  • Register for "Open House" webinars
  • Watch videos of how to plan and edit WikiTasksCCSS Lessons
Have questions or suggestions? Click on the link below to share them with us -- and enjoy WikiTasksCCSS!

The LearningFront Team

I look forward to your contributions in WikiTasksCCSS!

Nick Hobar

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