Sunday, March 1, 2015

Today's Change Agents

Dear Colleagues:

Today I was thinking about: "Who are the change agents creating 21st century education approaches?" 

I'm not sure today the "real" change agents are in education. I look at it this way. If you want ideas for changing and improving 21st century education in schools to flourish and spread, join a learning community where people actively share, innovate, co-create, and produce something. Typically, learning communities start and stop at the sharing phase. Today's change agents are members of learning communities that produce something of value.

When you have a cool idea to change teaching and learning, people will share it, collaborate, and make it better. Chances are today that happens outside the formal education structure, e.g., Khan academy, iPad, virtual K-12 schools, emerging online degree-granting and job-related professional development platforms.

Want to be a change agent? You are cordially invited to join LearningFront and make it happen. We build and share cool ideas here to change and improve teaching and learning! 

Nick Hobar  

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